Captivate And Amaze With Your Character

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One of my favorite quotes by Oscar Wilde, "One's real life is often the life one does not lead" perfectly defines what successful bloggers do. Successful bloggers create a character for their readers to follow. Whether this character happens to be who they really are or just who they are online does not matter. It only matters that the blogger has successfully captivated the reader's attention by creating a character whose life, joys and frustrations are easy to relate to. Let me give you an example: I love the TV show, Arrested Development. The main character, Micheal Bluth is seemingly the only sane member of his family. Throughout the show he struggles with managing the family finances and other various follies of his siblings and parents. Each of the family members is a little bit crazy in their own special way but they are all easy to relate to. They are imperfect, emotional and they experience failure time and time again. Who wouldn't relate to this?

The point is that your readers will be much more likely to follow you if you are creating a character worth following. If you are an actuary and your readers are actuaries as well your character may be very smart and good with numbers. If your readers are extreme sport athletes your character will likely be adventurous and carefree but also very good at planning strategies in order to survive near death experiences. You need to identify who your audience is and what kind of character will appeal to them.

It's always a good idea to put yourself in your reader's shoes. Read your blogs from their perspective. Find what needs to be changed in order for your blogs to be more enticing and change it. The more variances in perspective that you can get on your writing the better. Have your friends and colleagues read your blog. Get some honest feedback from them. Likely they will ask you some good questions that you hadn't previously realized would need to be answered. I did this recently with my personal blog. I made a mention about a certain group of people in my blog. After my friend read it she commented that she had no idea who that group was. So I modified my blog and now it makes a lot more sense.

Learn more about your audience and create a character based off of their needs and wants. Create a character who is easy to relate to and achieves what your readers are interested in achieving. Let us know what you have done to create your own blog character in the comments below.

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Captivate And Amaze With Your Character

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This article was published on 2010/12/05