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You can choose at any time in your life to be responsible for how your future will look. The script you write now starts reshaping your character immediately. Is it a surprise that the moment which has just passed while you were reading this is now your past? Whatever you were thinking in that minuscule time period became your present and is already setting up your future. Your character is built upon the thoughts you have and the actions you take - write the new script to reflect the way you want to be operating in the world when your future arrives! Represent the legacy you want to leave the universe, be honest, be courageous and product the "biggest picture" of yourself possible. Your new character is a star from the beginning!

It is a known and accepted truth that whatever you are attracting into your life has a common denominator - you! How you see yourself, how you act outwardly and how you envision the world sets up the power (or lack of it) upon which transpiring conditions are based. Your personal power to celebrate living has everything to do with how happy and fulfilled, how passionate and successful, you will be in your life experience. One thing writers possess that keeps them alert is a mindset of "writing an entertaining story."

When creating a new script, they never turn on "auto-power" or go unconscious. That way, they make committed story decisions and develop characters with useful belief systems. If you run on "auto-power," you lose the opportunity to be aware and write your story with pride and excitement about the results. You have free spirit and the chance to write, construct and be responsible for your own shining character!

Any kind of change takes a bit of work, diligence, stick-to-it-iveness, and consistent attention to details. Behavioral transitions take some practice. Thought processes take recognition-for thoughts that do not serve you, consciously tell your brain out loud, "Thank you for sharing," and move to the next thought.

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Create a New Script - The Story of Your Character

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This article was published on 2010/03/28