Rogues in World of Warcraft - How to Power Level and Grind

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Power leveling and level grinding are actually not terribly complicated for rogues. This guide should help anyone who wants not only a higher level rogue, but one that's effective in combat and good at grinding to gain still more experience points.

First, there should be a definition of the term "grinding" for those who are unfamiliar. Basically, grinding is when a character remains in one spot for a while to gather experience points though some repetitive task. Usually this task is killing large groups of some type of monster or mob for a long period of time. Anyone engaged in grinding will need some minor restorative items, such as food and bandages. Power levelers should also turn off the chat rooms, since these eat up valuable time.

There are a lot of people who don't find the idea of grinding for hours terribly exciting. There's no reason to avoid going on quests once the grinding gets tiresome. To optimize time taken by going to the Auction House between quests, create a level one character expressly for the purpose of buying and selling. This character could buy items and mail back them to the higher level character. The level one could also be sent gold through the mail to buy these goods in the first place.

Always remember to go to the inn before logging off, then immediately begin grinding again upon returning. There are said to be some especially good opportunities for grinding in Alterac Valley - but going there will often help the opposing faction win some victories. It is usually a bad idea to help the defeat of one's own team members, race or faction, so this area is best avoided, unless the player doesn't mind this sort of behavior, which might be viewed as backstabbing.

For many, the best weapon for grinding is the sword. If aggro is gained from the sword, then a backstab cannot be initiated. Instead, a stun will be required for the backstab action to be taken. "Aggro" is when a monster becomes aggressive and seeks to attack the character. The important weapon statistics to consider for grinding purposes are agility and attack power, with stamina coming in a close third. Try out a number of weapons to see which one best suits the individual style of play. Whatever weapon is chosen, be sure to have some talent points stocked away for it. Talent points can be used to increase the damage an attack causes. More attack damage means faster monster killing, which means more experience points in a shorter period of time. This is, of course, the very essence of power leveling.

Rogues who are grinding should keep in mind just how good a sword can be for the purposes of backstabbing and for killing monsters quickly. Stay out of the Alterac Valley if at all possible, to avoid helping out the opposite faction. It isn't a good idea to kill the people on the same side as the character. And while power leveling, remain focused. Stay out of the chat rooms for any reasons, since those can be a huge time sink, and avoid visiting the Auction House constantly. This may be a good way to acquire gold and items, but not the best way to gather experience points. 

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Rogues in World of Warcraft - How to Power Level and Grind

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This article was published on 2010/04/01